Removal - free stitches for drainage tube

The drainage tube is used frequently in surgeries to avoid excessive exudate in the wound. Healing of the hole left after the drainage removal may have healing issues and can delay patient recovery. Article published in Thoracic cancer Journal report a novel method of suturing the drainage hole and studies the safety and effectiveness of this technique. Authors enrolled 102 patients for thoracoscopic lung resection and compared 2 methods of suturing the tube holes. The control group had a mattress suture and experimental group received subcuticular and intradermal suture with removal-free stitches. Authors used A 3-0 Coated Vicryl Plus suture for continuous intradermal suturing. Once tightened, suture ends are left with enough length to tighten those again after the removal of the tube. One month post-op scars were evaluated using the Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS) and the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS). Significantly difference was found between the two groups, with experimental group superior to the control. Details by the link!