Post-COVID-19 fatigue: A systematic review

Recovery from SARS-CoV-2 has taken an important place in recent research. According to the systematic review by German authors most prevalent long-turm complaints include: fatigue (64%), dyspnea (40%), depression/anxiety (38%), arthralgia (24,3%), headache (21%), and insomnia (20%). Post-COVID-19 fatigue is a decrease in physical and/or mental performance resulting from changes in central, psychological and peripheral factors. If symptoms present for more than 6 months, a cronic fatigue syndrom is diagnosed. Based on this research, concervative treatment help patients with persistent complaints. The rehabilitation measures include: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, aerobic training, strengthening exercises and diaphragmatic breathing techniques. An 8-week program showed a positive impact on patients physical function. Detailed information in the article.