New hallmarks of ageing

World Health Organization states that "life expectancy has increased by more than 6 years – from 66.8 years in 2000 to 73.4 years in 2019". This is one of the most remarkable human accomplishments. However, aging is also a primary risk factor of many major diseases. As such, we are now confronting another challenging problem- the increasing number of chronically ill patients suffering from age-related pathology. A research symposium “New Hallmarks of Aging” held in Denmark (March 2022), aimed to focus on novel findings of the 9 hallmarks of aging, that was previously defined by López-Otín in 2013. At this time, lifelong lifestyle adjustments are still recognized as the best protectors against age-related diseases. Nevertheless, a unified theory that explains the process is still missing and answers to be found both on a cellular and organismal level.