Lip fillers and implants

Lip augmentation should provide aesthetically desired results that are natural in appearance and feel. Increasing the height, perioral lines and wrinkles softening, adding volume are the main goals to improve youthful and attractive appearance. A variety techniques have been described, mainly divided in non-filling (lip lift, mucosal advancement) and filling methods (injectable fillers, fat augmentation, implants). Currently, there are several types of implants that may be safely used: autogenous (fat, musculoaponeurotic system, postauricular fascia) and alloplastic (polytetrafluoroethylene, silicone). The original article describes in detail indications and contraindications for lip implantation procedure, that is known to have cost-effective and long-lasting effects, as well as focuses on the role of the professional team in improving care for patients who undergo such procedures.