ISOLS meeting 2022, day 2

More than 20 sessions were held in specific area of onco-orthopedics. Each session is full of conversations, presentations and discussions. The areas in focus are: radiation oncology and implementation, tumor and soft tissue surgery, transplantology, mega-endoprosthetics, molecular biology and pathophysiology of the development of tumors of the musculoskeletal system, radiation and chemotherapy of malignant bone tumors, infectious tumors in onco-orthopedics. Within the framework of ISOLS, a satellite symposium on individual arthroplasty for bone tumors (IMPLANTCAST) and a symposium of the Latin American Society of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors SLATME (Sociedad Latino Americana de Tumores Musculo Equeléticos) were held. Following top lectures were presented:
1. Autobiologic reconstruction of the shoulder with a single vascularized fibula graft in the immature skeleton. A 20-year follow-up with functional evaluation (Örjan Berlin, Sweden)
2. Innovative surgical technique of sacral resections in treatment of bone sarcoma and its impact on function and overall survival (Daniel Kotrych, Poland)
3. Limb salvage - evolution of techniques (Anna Kulidjian, United States)
4. Surgical treatment for pelvic bone metastatic disease from renal cell carcinoma (Domenico Andrea Campanacci, Italy)
5. Worst of all complications (Lee Jeys, United Kingdom)