Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Male Fertility Potential

60% of the global population reported the intake of alcoholic drinks in one year, according to the research study. A consumption of over 3-4 drinks per day is shown to negatively affect human health, including male fertility and consequences on the offspring. Authors of this work highlight the association between chronic alcohol use and poor semen quality due to the development of oxidative stress. Such alterations in the semen include lower sperm concentration, motility, and increased abnormal sperm morphologies. Moreover, genotoxic impact and DNA integrity are linked to the offspring’s health. 3 possible mechanisms have been discussed to explain the effect of paternal alcohol consumption on the offspring. Firstly, it is a sperm chemical alternation, leading to behavioral and hormonal disturbances in the offspring. Secondly, a failure of the elimination of EtOH-damaged sperm. And finally, genetic mutations in sperm DNA that can be transmitted to the offspring. To find out more details follow the link.