Current status of monkeypox vaccines

Initially diagnosed in 1970, monkeypox spread was mainly linked to international travel. However, the number of weekly reported new cases in European countries has dramatically increased starting May, 2022. A month later, WHO issued a guidance stating that mass vaccination is not required. The reason for that is a significant shortfall of monkeypox vaccines. As such, US and Europe programs are offering the vaccines only to individuals with high-risk exposures. In August FDA authorized emergency use of JYNNEOS to increase the vaccine supply. It is licensed as a series of two doses administered 28 days apart. According to CDC guidelines, "the standard regimen involves a subcutaneous route of administration with an injection volume of 0.5mL". An alternative regimen may be used for people age ≥18 years, where 0.1mL is injected intradermal. Details by the link.