Cancer vaccines

A word "vaccination" through Google search suggests 4,150,000,000 results. This number only suggests that this topic became one of the leading discussions around the globe. Renewed interest in this field of investigations stimulated vaccine development for cancer as well. A recently published article in Cancer Cell journal gives an overview about different vaccine types and their models of action.
As such, human papilloma virus prophylactics can prevent >500,000 cervical, anogenital, and oral cancers. But only 13% went through full vaccination. A single-dose program is now being developed, enabling mass immunization.
Innovation in the neoantigen discovery field can help target and eliminate cancers with custom and personalized vaccines. As oncologic pathology can generate various mutations specific to individual tumors, a universal neoantigen selection is required. Besides, this type of immunization depends on drug manufacture in real time.
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