Calories - quantity or quality?

Caloric intake is essential for human nutrition and health. Here are some interesting facts published in National Library of Medicine. Calories coming with food, break down to create energy which is either used immediately or stored by body for later release. Limiting calorie intake and increasing activity for loosing weight is known to decrease the health risks associated with obesity. It has also been studied that it may extend lifespans and prevent the decline of brain function as in Alzheimers disease. Decreasing calories reduces beta-amyloid deposition, which is the hallmark of this pathology. However, only 20% of our weight is burned by activity, the rest 80% is left in our bodies. On the other hand, too little caloric intake also has a clinical significance. The body can switch to survival mode, slowing down the metabolism. Thus it will prevent loosing any fat and will try to keep every calorie it can.