Black garlic and it's effect on health

Allium sativum (garlic) has been one of the key dietary compounds in traditional medicine all over the world. One of the commercially available garlic products is black garlic, which is an aged form obtained under high temperature (60–90 °C) and humidity (70–90%) for a period of time (Millard Reaction). Bioactive substances such as phenol and organosulfur are the main compounds effecting health. In the past few decades, numerous investigations have shown the therapeutical potential of black garlic. Discussed benefits include: antioxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-obesity, hepatoprotection, hypolipidemia, immunomodulation, cardiovascular prevention and other. The original article published in Molecules Journal describes in detail therapeutical effects for various pathologies like diabetes, arterial hypertension, etc. Follow the link to find out more.