Beneficial effects of food supplements for skin care

Who wouldn't want to delay or minimize the signs of ageing? Nutraceuticals can be the answer. It is defined as ‘nutrition’ + ‘pharmaceutical’, meaning the food ingredients or cosmetic products with a physiological effects that improves skin condition. It is a fact that appearance of the wrinkles is associated first of all with increased laxity, fragility and dryness of the dermis. Mihaela-Adi Lupu et al published a review aiming to present an update on the use of hydrolyzed collagen for skin care. According to the authors, using this fiber in various doses provide benefits for the human body from relieving joint pain to improving skin health. What is a secret power? Collagen represents ~30% of the body's protein mass, where type I and III collagen contains in the skin. Marine collagen, for example, has the best biocompatibility, thus is preferred in pharmaceutic industry. Read a full review to find out more about recent scientific studies.