Acute and recurrent headache syndrome in children

Such common condition among adults has unique clinical characteristics in the pediatric population. A study published in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology Journal describes the variety of clinical features and presents potential treatment options. Approximately 20% of patients experience their first attack when younger than 5 years of age, where hereditary factor plays an important role. Headaches in children tend to evolve with age, often have a shorter duration (up to 2 hours), and are more likely to be bilateral frontotemporal before adolescence. 10-20% of children experience a migraine with aura, lasting for 5-20 minutes, with the visual disturbances as the most common type. The recomendations for treatment include identification of trigger factors, pain control and preventive medication. Nonetheless, sleep is considered as one of the most potent migraine treatment. Pharmacotherapy details are in the original article.